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 Whirling Productions

 Travel  Studio Documentary Fine Art and Event Photography

Landscapes start under your feet, and the sun may shine and show you the way, but we all know that the mystery lives in the shadows.

All around us are small little universes that exist if you know how to find them.

Looking left when everyone is looking right. Finding the shadows when everyone else is finding the light. Going small when everyone else is going big. This is how I find my subjects. This is what defines my work.


Client List

Museum Of Fight, Filmateria, Northwest Event Technologies, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, HBO, ESPN, BBC, ESPN, TLC, HBO, PBS, Lifetime, Disney, Fox Sports, VISA, Expedia, The Production Network, B47,  
Airborne Express, Corbis, REI, Eddie Bauer, Real Networks, Amazon. Feature Films: Life Or Something Like It, The Ring, A Book of Stars, Under Heaven,
10 Things I Hate About You. Television Series: The Fugitive, The World’s Most Dangerous Animals,
Sightings, Unnatural History, The Other Side, Bill Nye The Science Guy